SUN-FLY International Business Development Ltd. is a company specialised in sublimation application technique, and providing industrial application products and solutions through expanding sublimation application range and deeply developing application products based on this technique.


6 branches and manufacturing plants are fully invested by the Hongkong headquarter.


6 branches and manufacturing plants are fully invested by the Hongkong headquarter.

Global Market

Our products and solutions cover over 150 countries in the world.


  • 2004. Sun-Fly Incorporated in Hong Kong
  • 2005. Become the very first successful manufacturer who develop the sublimation technique for printing ceramic poker chips.
  • 2006. Set up Sun-Fly International Business Development Ltd.
  • 2007. Set up Sun-Fly Casino Chips manufactory
  • 2008. First step to the international business exhibitions
  • 2009. Set up PolyChrom and other brands
  • 2010. The very first one who launch Dye-sub Polymer series products.
  • 2011. Set up DongGuan Sun-Fly Plastic Materials Ltd. and DongGuan ShiPai JianHui Mould Factory
  • 2012. Officially launch the 3D sublimation technique.
  • 2013. The very first one in China who launch the VacuumSub 3D sublimation film solution
  • 2014. Set up Germany office in Regensburg, offer one-stop service to European customers.

Development Strategy

Sun-Fly actively developing the strategic partnership with global customers in different sectors, work in with the customers in need by using our own development ability of sublimation technique ,not only service in present ,but also have the future in mind.

That’s the reason we chose our slogan

Choose SUN-FLY, Choose Your Future